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With the help of our free Loan Calculator you can estimate the Principal and Interest (P&I) payment of your commercial mortgage easily. Just enter the data of Loan Amount, Interest Rate, Amortization of Years and Maturity of Years in the required fields and quickly get the details of your commercial mortgage.

What the Real Estate Mortgage Calculator Shows

Once you have entered the data, our Loan Calculator will estimate for you the Principal and Interest payment and show how your mortgage payment splits between Interest-only Payment and Balloon Payment. Remember, that most of your payment will go towards interest at the start, but will shift to going towards the mortgage balance near the end of the loan.

We also want to remind, when deciding if you can afford a particular real estate mortgage, it is important to take into account that your mortgage payment is not the only one payment that come with buying a commercial property. You should also remember about insurance premiums, taxes and other expenses, in particular: landscaping fees, utility costs (including air conditioning and heating) and maintenance costs.

So choose wisely and we will do our best to ensure you with the best loan offer possible.  

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